FrugalWebGuy is Merging with Michael Mann Web Design under the new Title of I Do Web Work

What Frugal Web Guy Offers

Get up and started with a web site today, you create yourself using resources and training provided by Frugal Web Guy. Scroll down for an overview of what membership with Frugal Web Guy has to offer.

Video Based Training

From WordPress through Open Source software for your business, the video based catalog has you covered.

Stock Photos at 1920x1080 pixels

Stock Photos at 1920 x 1080 pixels
(640x480 pixels available free of charge)

Graphics collection made in-house
(PNG & SVG formats)

Remotely Hosted Site Backups
(Amazon AWS S3)

Exclusive WordPress Theme & Plugins
(Created by Frugal Web Guy)

Two Hours of Web Design Support Per Month
(Email, Facebook Messenger, Phone, or Zoom)

Discounts on Web Design / Development Services
(Through Michael Mann Web Design)