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Web Hosting Providers

Not all Web hosting providers are created equal. When you sign up for an account with a company, you expect them to do everything within their power to provide you with the services you were promised. Well, I am working to compile a list, based on either my own experience as a custom or working with providers as a middle man for clients.

Recommended Web Hosts


I personally have been with this company since 2002. For a brief period of time the company's man in charge transitioned to AtomicVPS, to provide a better setup with more control of the overall platform. AtomicVPS is now fully re-merged with HostNexus. Support tickets are answered in minutes (sometimes a bit longer), with good quality responses and problems are fixed.

Web Hosts to Avoid


This is the most ridiculous hosting company I have ever had to deal with. They will terminate your site, if it become infected and put you through a thousand hoops to get your site restored, while attempting to extort from you to buy the Site Lock service from them. I cannot in any good conscious work with this company and advise everyone against using them. Submitted a ticket for a client that went unanswered for 18 hours and will remain unanswered, as the client needs to respond to their email. Funny thing is their email "ticket" is not recorded anywhere, so if the client had never received the email, there would be no recourse.