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Working with WooCommerce Templates

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WooCommerce provides a set of templates you can modify. Copy them over into your theme first, to avoid them being overwritten when you update WooCommerce. They are located under wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/templates. Copy them over into your theme (make sure to add a woocommerce folder first) and have fun making modifications to your WooCommerce Store.

Here are some of the modifications you can make, using a copy of the templates provided with WooCommerce.

Add Text Before Price on Product Category in WooCommerce

If you want to add some text before the price on product category pages, modify the price.php file in the loop folder in your theme. The line to change is:

<span><?php echo $price_html; ?></span>

For example, if you wish to add Pre-sale Price: in front of the price, change the line to:

<span>Pre-sale Price: <?php echo $price_html; ?></span>

This will now show up as Pre-sale Price: $65.00, for example.