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s2Member – Creating a Membership Website

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Have you ever wanted to put together a membership website? Or how about just a member area? s2Member is one of the many membership plugins for WordPress which can help with that. In this training series, we will be taking an in-depth look at how s2Member works and what it can do for you. This plugin has a ton of options built-in, including some more advanced items.

How Does a Membership Area Work with s2Member?

s2Member allows you the ability to segment content on your site by user access levels. There are 4 such levels in the free version of the plugin, with the pro version offering unlimited. Keep in mind there is a line of code you will need to add to your themes functions.php file to unlock more than the 4 default levels in the pro version.

Levels, along with custom capabilities, allow for pages and posts to be set to be accessible only by a certain level (or higher) or capability. These are assigned when a user signs up or can be added manually, as you desire. Along with locking a complete page or post to a certain level or capability, you can also hide/show portions of a piece of content using shortcodes or php inside custom template file for your theme. Being able to drill down to the theme level allows for maximum customizing, although you will want to know how to create and work with php and custom template files if you go that route.

What Will Be Covered in This Training Series?

We will cover it all, so get ready for this upcoming training series.

Training in this series:

  • Getting Started With s2Member
  • s2Member PayPal Pro Forms
  • Segmenting Content by Member Level and Capability
  • How Many User Levels Make Sense?

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