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Beyond WordPress. Create Your Own Logo

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Beyond WordPress - Create-Your LogoToday I'm taking you on a ride over to Inkscape. Much like Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape is a vector graphic program, which means the images are not really images, but code that renders into what we see as images. Basically, this means that you can create a graphic and then resize it right in the software you created it in and not experience pixelation like you would with a photograph, for example. So let's get started. The image right below is a PNG export of this site's logo in three different sizes. You will notice the image looks rather clean (although a little less easy to read at a small size).



The logo was created using a single blue rectangle with rounded corners, which is a featured built right into the rectangle/Square Tool and 2 different fonts (Frugal in Sacramento and Web Guy in Roboto Condensed). I rely heavily on fonts made available by Google to create logos. The next logo idea we will look at uses standard shapes and a blurring effect thanks to the Fill and Stroke setup (Object > Fill and Stroke). The bag handle was created using two circles with the second top circle slightly shifted up. Using the difference, you can create an arch to use as a handle.

[su_row][su_column size="1/3"]handle-01[/su_column] [su_column size="1/3"]handle-02[/su_column] [su_column size="1/3"]grocery-bag[/su_column][/su_row]

And then of course throw in some text and a few squared with items pushed behind the rectangle used for the bag itself, with a blurred slightly darker rectangle behind and a nice simple logo is born.


If you like this type of training from Frugal Web Guy, feel free to drop me a line and let me know. Have training ideas? I'd love to hear those as well. Feel free to catch me on Periscope weekdays at 10:00 AM PST and again at 2:00 PM PST.