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WordPress Training Yearly Access

I love to preach "all businesses should have a web site". Businesses need a place their customer can go, at least for more information. WordPress is an amazing free and open-source platform, one I have built my own business on. WordPress can be a bit tricky to get working. Full access to the resources here can help get you over any humps of working with WordPress.

Whether this is your first web site or you have been building for years like I have, the video-based training here can assist you on your journey of working with WordPress. If you are looking to build or maintain your own site, good for you. If you are looking to add new skills and expand upon what you already offer, good for you.

About the Frugal Web Guy

I discovered what web pages are, completely by sheer dumb luck, back in 1998. After signing up for college, intending to pursue a degree in Computer Information Specialist, I was enrolled in a week long skills session. I was given an opportunity to take a computer training, where I discovered you could create something and everyone with access could see what you built. I was hooked and over the past 19 years later, I have had the opportunity to work with people across the globe. Those who wished to claim their space on the Internet and tell their story. Whether it was to offer a product or service, tell people about themselves, or anything else, I was along for the ride.

Through Michael Mann Web Design, the design arm of my business, I still work with clients, but I see the value in offering a training solution. This is why I have been crafting video-based training materials for this site. I wish to help the largest possible numbers of people to capture their base and tell them your story. And even allow them to share their story with you.

What Full Access Provides You

Full access to the Frugal Web Guy provides you with a ton of resources. These include:

  • Video-based training in 1080p, fully downloadable
  • Text-based member only content
  • Amazing clipart in site-ready PNG format (SVG formats as well)
  • A premium WordPress theme (the one this site uses)
  • Amazing WordPress plugins, to extend the core of WordPress
  • Free support for your site

On top of all those amazing items you get access to me, a professional web developer. Have questions about the material covered? Need help with items on your web site? I am here to assist you in your venture.

After exploring several methods for video creation, I settled on a screen shot format, with voice over. This option allows for cutting out all of the fluff. You get what you came for and are back to working on your project. No excessive talking!

Full Access to All Available Resources

Work is constantly being done to add additional resources and even add to existing ones. You get access to all training videos, photos, clipart, and even access to me for the life of your membership. Are you ready to get going?

Gain access to some of the best information for working on your site available. Use the power of WordPress and the training here, to unlock your site's full potential.

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