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My Simple Woo

My Simple Woo - Simplify WooCommerceWooCommerce is an amazingly and powerful e-Commerce plugin for WordPress, whether "products" are physical, virtual, or downloadable. There are so many plugins which work to extend features of WooCommerce already. What makes My Simple Woo different?

WooCommerce Simplified with My Simple Woo

My Simple Woo is a plugin which allows for extending important hidden features of WooCommerce. While there are shortcodes, or even other plugins, one can use to handle some of the features of My Simple Woo, none offer the granular level provided here. One key item coming soon is the ability to set the number of products (columns and rows) to show per page, all the way down to the category level. This will allow for setting a different number per page at the category level, rather than an overall setting some of the other plugins offer.

Why My Simple Woo?

My Simple Woo, as with any plugin or theme I develop, takes full advantage of the GPL license WordPress is released under. That means you have the ability to do pretty much whatever you like with the plugin. The plugin focuses on the features one might need to better customize their WooCommerce experience, without all of the fluff. You will discover user friendly settings, which intuitively allow for adjusting feature of WooCommerce, without the need to look up shortcodes or make modifications to your theme. Simply install, click a few settings options and you are all set.