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Plugins & Theme

My Simple Theme

There are many amazing themes out there, but I created my own, based on the underscores starter theme. Added in an option panel, based on the Options Framework Theme by WPTheming, including addition options setup purchased from WPTheming.

My Simple Sections

Posts and pages are amazing. My Simple Sections extends WordPress post types to add in some amazing useful post type sections.

My Simple Space

Get some amazing information about the storage usage by your site, right in the dashboard. This simple install and it does its magic plugin I developed shows you the space used by:

  • Database
  • Complete site
  • wp-content
    • plugins
    • themes
    • uploads
  • wp-admin
  • wp-includes

In addition to space used, the plugin shows the total available memory, memory used and PHP version. Space usage is then placed inside transient variables to maintain the speed of the site. Check it out.

Simple Site Verify

Need to verify your site with Google Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools), Bing Webmaster Tools, Pinterest or Google Analytics. This simple to use, add the tracking id plugin I developed, will do all the magic behind the scenes to add in the required code for you. Check it out.