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Widgetized Menu Area

[su_note note_color="#4E9A06" text_color="#ffffff" radius="5"]This is for the "My Simple Theme", which is currently available only to lifetime members of Frugal Web Guy.[/su_note]

For the upcoming 1.0.5, I was looking for a way to allow for widgets to be added to the same area of the top menu. The idea was provided by a Web design client, wanting to have social icons to the right of the top menu. I did not want to rely on a plugin, as the few I could find were outdated, last updated 2 years ago. So, after several tailored Google searches, I stumbled upon a tutorial by Justin Tadlock, which provided the answer I was looking for, even though the post is from 2009 it still works great.

I splashed in a little CSS, some jquery and of course added in an option in the theme option panel and this makes everything work so nicely.

Regular Menu Bar
Non-Widgetized Menu Area
Widgetized Menu Bar
Widgetized Menu Bar

And here is the source for Justin's awesome code 😀