FrugalWebGuy is Merging with Michael Mann Web Design under the new Title of I Do Web Work

Welcome to Frugal Web Guy

With 17 years of experience designing and developing web sites for clients all over the globe, it is my goal to help coach the next generation of web designers. While I am not exiting the business, the Web Design business continues to evolve with the use of platforms such as WordPress. Using WordPress since 2009, I have seen the awesome power of this platform and have developed custom themes and plugins.

It is my hope that as I transition into a role of expertise in the industry, I am able to help cultivate those looking to get into the industry with ways to help optimize their time working with clients as well as to growing a successful business.

Whether you are looking to become a professional Web Designer or simply looking for some way to help maintain your own web site, the Frugal Web Guy can definitely help you.