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My Simple Theme 1.0.7 Coming Soon!

After much consideration, work is underway on My Simple Theme 1.0.7. One of the biggest changes is in the Fonts & Colors Theme Options tab, as things are more structured now.

Theme Options - Fonts & Colors

You will also notice that the social tab has been removed. This is to make way for an amazing new plugin, which will work across any theme you select, called My Simple Social. Along with the previous list of social platforms, My Simple Social will include a new set of settings for basic social sharing. You will be able to use a single plugin for both your social media icons, as well as social sharing.

The former Post Type tab and Posts tab are now combined under a single tab called Post Types. This will show settings for blog posts, as well as revision settings for additional post types. If you are using the My Simple Sections plugin, My Simple Theme 1.0.7 will roll all of those custom post types into this new tab, along with any created through other plugins. The previous revisions tab options are also rolled under the new Post Type tab, which allows for setting the number of revisions to keep per post type. No external plugin needed.

My Simple Theme 1.0.7 will see the removal of some code relating to WooCommerce, as that code will be rolled into an amazing previously planned, but now underway plugin called My Simple Woo. The My Simple Woo plugin will include previous theme enabled features such as the ability to select the number of columns and rows, which translates into the number of products per page. However, this will now be category based, allowing for one category to show 12 products per page, while another can be set to 15 products per page. While not a huge change for some shop owners, the flexible built in will allow for finer control.