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New Photos Added

10 new photos have been uploaded for Frugal Web Guy customers to access. This is part of my weekly commitment to provide new content on a regular basis. Nothing is worse, to me at least, then to have a stale web site with zero new content being added. These photos are available in the usual 1920x1080 pixel size and are all original photos taken by me on my ventures around United States. The areas currently covered by photos uploaded include the following states:

  • California (Great Los Angeles area mostly)
  • Pennsylvania
  • Illinois
  • Nevada (Las Vegas Area)

Additional trips are being planned for 2017 to include additional parts of California, as well as Phoenix, Arizona and other places. Some of the photos taken will be available to general paid site members, but others will be available to a limited set of members under an upcoming photo club setup. The photo club will be in addition to the normal paid membership and will assist me in some part to offset the cost of these various trips. The trip will happen regardless, but any offset in the costs will be greatly appreciated.