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Amazing New Plugin Coming!

If you are a member of the Frugal Web Guy Family, you are aware that along with amazing video based training, you get some awesome features. One of the newest features coming is a WordPress plugin which will allow for stylized forms. The first part is stylized radio button.


As you can clearly see, those boring radio buttons are not all that exciting to look at and once you have several sets of them, you might just want to claw your eyes out. Why not have something a bit more exciting.


Now that is much better. And what is better than fancy radio button? How about getting them automagically. Yep, those buttons will look like that without you have to add any stylesheet or complete any complex tasks. For example, if you want for them to appear using Contact Form 7, for example, just make sure to select the "Wrap each item with label element" option when creating radio buttons. The plugin will handle the rest.

And if that wasn't amazing enough news, how about choosing the style your site will use?

My Simple Fields Settings

Until the next amazing announcement, enjoy!

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