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Equipment Used for Training

Frugal Web Guy prides itself in using 100% open source software. For video based training, the following open source software is used.

Open Source Software

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Hardware Used

In addition to software, some hardware is needed for the creation of video based training. Here is a list (with Amazon Affiliate links), if you are interesting in some of the same hardware I use.

Note: Clicking any of the images below will lead you to affiliate products through my relationship with Amazon as an associate. That means, I will make some money from your purchase, which helps to keep the lights on around here. However, I will never provide affiliate links to products or services I personally have not used or support.

Behringer 12-Channel Mixer

While the particular 12-Channel Mixer is not 100% exactly the same as the one pictured, I love the behringer mixers. They offer a good quality audio source, which is used on every one of the videos in the training section. The beautiful thing about using a mixer, like this one from Behringer, is that they allow for connecting up to 4 separate microphones. I only use one, as it's just me, but if you are looking to do something with several people in the same place, this is amazing. So, that means you can add up to 4 microphones to a single computer. There are equalizers for each of the inputs, and you can turn on and off each channel using the equalizers. I love mine and love that this one has a digital output for what I believe is the main mixer.

Samson Q2U Microphone

To go along with a mixer, I use this entry level microphone. Entry level might seem crazy, but it works rather well, in fact better than expected. This Samson microphone is the one used in every video for the audio portion. The Samson Q2U is said to be nearly identical to the AudioTechnica ATR-2100 microphone. I love that it offers a USB output, so it can be easily used with a mixer. There is also a XLR output, which connects right to any of those black XLR ports on the Behringer mixer. The XLR cable that goes from the microphone to the mixer is included with the microphone. The microphone also comes with a nice set of headphones. I broke mine, due to not taking proper care of them, so I ended up buying a behringer pair.

Additional Replacement Headphones

The headphones that came with the Samson Q2U Microphone did not stand out to my use, so I replaced them with a pair from Behringer, the Behringer HPX2000 Headphones High-Definition DJ Headphones. I much prefer the design of these headphones, as they are foldable for easier storage when traveling. I have mine mounted used one of the Headphone hooks mentioned below. These headphones come with a 3.5mm to 1/4" adapter, or you can get one like that listed below from Hosa, if you are using the ones that come with the Q2U Microphone.



While the equipment above is important for the recording and production of training videos, one needs a place to store images, audio, and other parts leading to a finished product, as well as the finished product itself. I use a 4TB USB 3.0 drive from Seagate, which allows for storage of all valuable items. This is perfect for local storage. The photo to the right will lead you to this product on Amazon, using my affiliate link.