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Amazing New Plugin Coming!

If you are a member of the Frugal Web Guy Family, you are aware that along with amazing video based training, you get some awesome features. One of the newest features coming is a WordPress plugin which will allow for stylized forms. The first part is stylized radio button.

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Restricting View Access in WordPress

Out of the box, all of your content is visible, unless your site (or parts of it) are being a paywall (think members only), set to private or protected from public viewing in some other manner. With these two amazing free plugins from the WordPress Plugin Repository, you can selectively show or hide some of the content on your site. This week, I am putting together training for these plugins.

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Widgetized Menu Area

[su_note note_color="#4E9A06" text_color="#ffffff" radius="5"]This is for the "My Simple Theme", which is currently available only to lifetime members of Frugal Web Guy.[/su_note]

For the upcoming 1.0.5, I was looking for a way to allow for widgets to be added to the same area of the top menu. The idea was provided by a Web design client, wanting to have social icons to the right of the top menu. I did not want to rely on a plugin, as the few I could find were outdated, last updated 2 years ago. So, after several tailored Google searches, I stumbled upon a tutorial by Justin Tadlock, which provided the answer I was looking for, even though the post is from 2009 it still works great.

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SendGrid vs Mandrill: Free vs Paid Add-on to MailChimp

MailChimp does away with the free Mandrill email service. Elevates to MailChimp paid add-on for paid MailChimp accounts, starting March 16th.

You heard that correctly folks! Starting today, Marc 16th, Mandrill (previously a free service offering to send up to 12,000 of your precious emails to newsletter subscribers) has become a paid add-on for paying members of MailChimp. That means, in addition to shelling out at least 10 bucks a month for 500 subscribers (more per month if you have more subscribers), mandrill will no longer be a free service. You have until April 27th to merge it with a paying MailChimp Account or export out your data.

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WordPress 4.4.2 Security Update

Released just today, WordPress 4.4.2 is the second security update to the 4.4 lineup. Two security issues plaguing previous version have been patched: a possible SSRF (Server Side Request Forgery) for certain local URIs and an open redirection attack. In addition, 17 bug fixes from 4.4 and 4.4.1 are included in this update.

WordPress 4.4.2 Auto Update

Unless your site has minor release updates turned off, your site should auto update shortly after a minor version is released. You can always update on your own or even re-install the current WordPress version by visiting Dashboard > Updates through your site's admin area.

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$77 Lifetime Access to Video Training

Yes, that is correct. Only $77 for lifetime access to WordPress Training videos. This is not a typo nor some marketing hype. However, the price will eventually go up. The signup page is coming soon, so for now sign up for the newsletter there on the right and you will receive information as to when things are ready to go.

3 Sites Under One Roof

As I continue to work to bring forth Frugal Web Guy, I am bringing in items from both and Frugal Web Guy will become your source for all things WordPress, Web Design and Web Design business related materials. The focus will be heavily on using Free and Open Source Software to help you maintain your WordPress site or maintain WordPress sites for others.

WordPress 4.3 Dropped Today!

WordPress 4.3 dropped today, so be sure to check out what is new in this release. Some of the big items include:

Menus in the Customizer
Formatting Shortcuts
Site Icons
Better Passwords

And one really big one I'm loving is that comments are now turned off on pages, that is pages created going forward will have comments turned off by default. An epic change there.

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Training Has Landed

Training on Frugal Web Guy is here and comes in two awesome forms. Free and low cost training focused on teaching you how to use WordPress for your business, whether that is with your own site or those of clients.

Paid training ranges from teaching the core of WordPress to more advanced topics including creating custom page templates and working with child themes.

Future training will include more than just written training as I expand training into the video format, so keep an eye out for that coming in the future.

Training Coming Soon

Frugal Web Guy is being developed to focus on 2 audiences: Prospective Web Designers and those with a web site / needing a web site. With 17 years of experience working with clients to develop what they and their clients need, I have seen others in the business struggle with being able to communicate with clients. I too have struggled at times. It is my aim to build a bridge to helping us all communicate better, using Jargon only when necessary.