About Frugal Web Guy

Welcome to the About page of Frugal Web Guy, a resource aimed at being the resource for all this Web design related. Building upon 20 years in the business of designing and developing web sites for clients across the globe and industries, here are some of the areas of training in the works:

  • Web Design using WordPress
  • WordPress Development
  • Graphic Design (including logo design)
  • Content Creation
  • Working with Search Engines
  • Social Networks and Marketing
  • Plus much more...

All of the training videos are being created in-house and designed to cater to many different markets. These include:

  • Building & maintaining your own web site(s)
  • Working with others on their web site(s)
  • Providing a resource for web-related virtual assistants
  • Building a Web design business

As you can see, this will cover the full spectrum of needs in the market today, while focusing on open source software used in the industry. While this is a paid premium offering, each video and video series will be carefully crafted to provide what is needed, without any extra fluff.

So if you are looking for quality create and produced video-based training, or any of the many other resources which will be provided here, head on over and sign up today!