FrugalWebGuy is Merging with Michael Mann Web Design under the new Title of I Do Web Work

You can build a website today with resources provided by Frugal Web Guy.

Frugal Web Guy is built upon more than 20 years of experience designing and developing web sites for clients across the globe. Using the knowledge gained over this time, the resources available here assist you in putting together a web site for your business.

Need to see what all is provided before clicking over to sign up? I totally get that. So let's take a look at what is provided here.

Video Training

WordPress Training

You will have access to WordPress training in audio, video, and text formats, covering all WordPress offers.

Stock Photos

Stock Photos

Get access to over 600 personally taken stock photos for your project.


Graphics can go along way to assist in your site's development. And not having to worry about whether or not you are infringing someone's copyright is important. All graphics are created in-house and available with a rather loose license.

Open Source Training

Open Education

While WordPress is the main focus, there is so much free and open source software you can use to maintain your site and its content. So training for various open source software packages are provided for you as well.

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