WordPress Web Design Training

What if there was a way to learn how to maintain your own Web site using WordPress, but still have access to a friendly knowledgeable Web developer? Welcome to Frugal Web Guy, a service which meets all of those requirements and much more. Working with clients around the globe for the past 18 years, I have discovered that many want to have the ability to maintain their own site. So, whether you are looking to maintain your own site, have the knowledge to pass on to a virtual assistant, or even develop and maintain sites for others, Frugal Web Guy has you covered.

Build Your Own Site

Master of Your Own Domain

Interested in working on your own site, at least as much as possible, and only outsource those tasks you are unfamiliar with to a designer? Frugal Web Guy can help you with that. Using WordPress as a tested and well developed platform since 2009, I can teach you how to work with nearly all aspects of your site, to empower you as an individual and web site owner.

Become a Web Designer

Become a Web Designer

If you are technical minded and desire to help others build their online business, while having fun (and of course getting paid to do so), Frugal Web Guy is the place for you. Lead by a professional web designer who has active clients on 5 continents and has works with clients in all facets of the spectrum, you too can learn to be an effective and efficient web designer.

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